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Hello From The Smokers Den!

Support local growers and smoke locally!

All County Toker

The contest in full force, with the goal of supporting local cannabis producers, retailers, and growers. What do win? This swank hat! For more information…

Latest Designs

Many of the problems going in with recreational cannabis has to do with quality over profits in their products. If you are not down the greed here is a T-shirt design that expresses that view. Comes two colors Black, Green, and V-neck cuts.

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Beyond the Valley-Kushguide Marketplace

The Kushguide Marketplace spring event just happened in Lynnwood, bringing together retail stores and the companies that grow and make your favorite products. There were quite a few of our favorite farms showcasing their products so we took a trip down to visit with some of our Smoke Local approved growers. It was great day filled with a little March snow, good conversation, and of course the best cannabis in the country! Some of which is being produced by small craft growers that we want you to know. Creekside Cannabis, Cannagensis, Skagit Organics, and Trailblazin’ Productions are just a few on our list of approved growers that were displaying yesterday at the Kushguide Marketplace.

You may not be aware of this but many of the smaller cannabis growers and processors in Washington State are struggling to stay in business and we want you to help change that. What can you do? I am glad you asked! Come visit the beautiful Skagit Valley, visit each of the ten participating stores, and pick up one of our maps. When you purchase something from one of the Smoke Local approved growers on our list you can scan the QR code or stamp your map. The first 100 people to get all 10 of their stores stamped off is going to get this sweet hat! No only will you be buying some of the best cannabis out there, you will know the money you spend is helping the growers and processors that have a passion for producing excellent cannabis. We have most unique cannabis market in the state because of the dedication of these people…you can help keep it that way by remembering to Smoke Local.