We will be raising money for the entire month of November for people affected by the fires throughout our region.

Organized by Skagit Apparel, Smoke Local, and Skagit Organics

Fire Relief Sale

A Joint Effort Beginning in November

This has been a rough year for many people across the country, especially here in our home state of Washington. Not only are we dealing with the economic and social hardship caused by a global pandemic and we experiencing a record fire season affecting our entire region. Please join us in raising funds for those affected by the fires this year.

We will be raising money for the entire month of November and will donate to people in our region affected by the fires of 2020.

Participating brands will be donating a percentage of their sales for the entire month of November. Please see the list below for participating brands and donations

Participating Brans



Donating 5% of all sales up to $5000

PRC Arlington 


Donating 5% of sales up to $5000

PRC Conway


Donating 5% of all sales, up to $5000

Piece of Mind

North Spokane

Donating 5% of sales on all Skagit Organics products

Skagit Organics

Mount Vernon

Donating 5% of sales to participating retail stores

Northwest Natural Care


Donating 10% of sales up to $5000


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